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How I turned a $1 offer into over $500
Discover the strategies and insights behind transforming a modest $1 digital download offer into a revenue-generating machine in the span of 3 weeks.

R & R: Turn a $1 offer into over $500$47

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Ever wondered how to craft irresistible digital products your audience genuinely wants? Dive deep with our exclusive guide, "Create a Digital Product That Sells". While the main training reveals how a $1 offer turned into $500 revenue, this guide is your roadmap to crafting that pivotal $1 offer. Learn the secrets to identifying, designing, and launching digital products that not only resonate but also convert.

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Ever wondered how some business owners take a tiny idea (like a $1 offer) and turn it into something that covers a bill or two? 

 Well, I believe I've cracked that code, and guess what? It’s not as complicated as it sounds. 

 Join me in this training, and I’ll spill the beans on how I turned pocket change into some real cha-ching. If you're curious about growing your email list with buyers, you don't want to miss this.

What's included:

Detailed Case Study: A walkthrough of the journey from a $1 offer to over $500 in revenue

Strategy Breakdown: Learn about our initial upsell, why it wasn't as effective, and how we pivoted to more successful offers to increase the average order value.   

Instagram Engagement Mastery: Unlock this super simple way to use Instagram ads to supercharge your offers. Plus a behind the scenes tutorial of how I set them up so you can set up your own.   

Email Remarketing Blueprint: Get the exact email strategy that led to consistent engagement converting non-purchasers into buyers. You'll also find out the subject lines that got these emails opened.   

Real-world Metrics & Analysis: How the conversion rate of this digital product stacks up against industry standards.

A pre-recorded video that you get to keep

Who's teaching you?

Michelle Murphy is a small business attorney and owner of The CEO Legal Loft. After running her online business, she's learned many mistakes and lessons on the way. And now she wants to teach you how to avoid them so you can start earning money more quickly in your business.

Earnings disclaimer 

Michelle W Murphy LLC DBA The CEO Legal Loft may share estimated earnings, but there is no guarantee of replicating past results. Success depends on individual factors like time, finances, knowledge, and skills. We do not assure your success, income level, or liability for your actions or business outcome. Our materials may contain forward-looking statements expressing our opinion on earnings potential, but no guarantees are made for achieving any results from our ideas and techniques.

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